Dr. Dimple Kaur

Phd, MS, Cht, MA Consultant Psychotherapist.

Dr. Dimple Kaur is a multi-faceted personality with entrepreneurial experience of over 15 years, as a Practicing Psychotherapist, Trainer, Performer and Dance Movement Expert.

Education Qualifications

  • Dr. Dimple Kaur has a doctorate in psychology (PHD) and post graduation in Psychotherapy (MS) along with being a certified Trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CHt, USA).
  • She has learnt Indian classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Vilasini Natyam and Chhau for over 25 years from eminent Guru's and teachers and is also a holds the degree of Prabhakar in Indian Classical Dance.
  • She has also done her masters English Literature (MA) and is certified in Public Communication.


  • Pioneered Innovative approach in integrating Mind and Body to produce extraordinary results in varied patients and situations.
  • Successful clinical therapeutic interventions in cases across broad spectrum including Depression, Stress and Anxiety Management, Parenting Skills, Life Skills, Coaching & Improvement processes, Adolescent & Children issues like Memory and Concentration, Exam Phobia, Pain Management, Relationship Counseling, Couple therapy, Anger Management etc.
  • Affecting positive change in holistic well-being through impact in Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Development.
  • Pioneered first of its kind approach using Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) for children with multiple disabilities.

Performer, Curator & Director

  • Performing artists undertaking solo and group performances across three Indian Classical Dance
    forms - Bharatanatyam, Vilasininatyam and Chhau.
  • She has been involved with theatre and acting including Films TV, Contemporary theatre and original productions.
  • Original productions across spectrum involving both traditional and modern genres.
  • She has extensively performed at all major stages and venues in India in last 20 years and has also been performed in foreign countries including USA, Germany, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Australia among others.
  • Dr. Dimple has undertaken original choreographies and productions in multiple languages, dance forms and dramatics.

Dance Choreographies with Gurus

  • Lal Ded – Guru Sonal Mansingh – Delhi.
  • The Story of Bible – Prakriti Bhaskar - Mumbai.
  • Bollywood and Kuchipudi – Guru Swapna Sundari – Delhi.
  • The fusion – Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi with Guru Mayadhar Raut.

Theatre Productions with Other groups

  • The Glass Menagerie – Cast of 3, 2 shows.
  • Pushkin’s Last Poem - Directed by Bhaskar Ghose.
  • Breaking News – Yatrik Theatre Production.
  • Medea – 2 shows.
  • Nine Parts Desire - Cast of 9.
  • Odd Couple Cast of 7.
  • Dashmukha Cast - 10.
  • Anton Chekov - The Boor.
  • Bebe Da Chamba – Directed by Sohaila Kapoor - 6 shows cast - 8.
  • The Plaza Suit – 4 shows.
  • No experience of theatre Required – Cast of 9.
  • Short and sweet plays.
  • Approach to silence with Baul Musicians.
  • Don’t Dress for Dinner.


  • Dr. Dimple has delivered High impact training programs helping in Personality Development, Behavioral issues, Coaching & Counseling, Developing Value Systems & Right Attitude, Team Building etc. Across groups of multiple sizes, 5 – 500 attendees.
  • Working with large number of colleges, schools (residential & day schooling) in training teachers in areas of Dance Movement Therapy, responsible child care and parenting.
  • She has extensive experience with varied audiences and situations, leading to constant refinement of interventions, systems, applications and delivery mechanism.
  • Dr. Dimple strives to use the extensive learning and exposure for the benefit of high growth, people intensive organizations as well as children and adolescents as India not only needs its young to be Physically fit but Emotionally healthy as well.

Academic Associations

  • St.Colombus, Bara Khamba Road.
  • St.Marks, Janakpuri.
  • Lions Public School, Gurgaon.
  • Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitam Pura.
  • Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar.
  • Kirti Nagar.
  • Darya Ganj.
  • Mann Public School.
  • Guru Harkrishan Public School – Hemkunt Colony.
  • Meera Public School.
  • Sun City School, Gurgaon.
  • Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana.


  • Amity University.
  • Gargi College.
  • Venkateshawara College.
  • Kapfenberg University, Austria.
  • Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar.


Works & Productions

Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner.
So dream big. Just as I did.

  • Krishna Mohini.
  • Dashavtar.
  • Shivakami.
  • Sarvam Ekam.
  • Main Amrita.
  • Kali Darpanam.
  • Rape Unreported.
  • Aatm Rati.


  • World Dance Alliance - University of Hawaii.
  • Black Sea Theater Festival Turkey.
  • The BOLD Festival, Australia.


  • Short and Sweet Theatre Festival - Gurgaon.
  • Quadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival – Hyderabad.
  • Tagore Theatre – Chandigarh.
  • Padatik Theatre – Kolkata.
  • Rabindra University – Shantiniketan.
  • International Dance Festival, Cochin.
  • Cuttak Mahotsav.
  • Ghost of Shakespere Festival, Kolkata.
  • South Asian Fringe Festival, Mountain Edition, Dharmshala.

Training & Workshops

Dance Movement Therapy

When you feel sad, dance. Start with your heart. Your body will follow.

Dance has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. It has been used as a healing ritual in the influence of fertility, birth, sickness and death, since earliest human history but, the establishment of dance as a therapy and as a profession occurred in the 1950s.

Over the period 1840 to 1930, a new philosophy of dance developed in Europe and the United States, defined by the idea that movement could have an effect on the mover i.e. that dance was not simply an expressive art.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) or Dance Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body.

As a form of expressive therapy, DMT looks at the correlation between movement and emotion. A typical DMT session has four main stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, and evaluation. Organizations such as the American Dance Therapy Association and the Association for Dance Movement Therapy, United Kingdom maintain standards of profession and education throughout the field. DMT is practiced in various clinical settings.

I adapted the DMT in the Indian context and have been conducting various DMT workshops through India with various organizations, hospitals and clinics. Write to me at dimple@dimplekaur.com or contact me to know more about the process.

The NAB Project


National Association of Blind provides learning and development opportunities for the children with visual and hearing disabilities. The association provides to both children and their supervisors with infrastructure, exposure and opportunities to have a better life. In this endeavor, the association has introduced Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT) as a learning opportunity. DMT has demonstrated lot of potential of developing expression, physical energy channelization and over all therapeutic benefits for such students.

Aims and Objectives

The aim is to help the visually challenged children in enhancing self-confidence, expression building & overcome communicating phobia along with reducing risk of muscle and bone disease as the subjects are normally not undertaking any physical activities. The program seeks to introduce and create a structure of DMT intervention in a systematic manner as part of handling, management and healing process for the students of NAB. The end state will be that the handlers and supervisors of these children will be able to administer DMT to the children in an ongoing basis.


The program will be administered by Dr. Dimple Kaur, PHD, MS, CHt – A Psychotherapist and DMT expert. She has provided training interventions over a period of multiple weeks with the students and handlers of the children. She has taught them individually, combined, joint and group movements which can also be practiced by the children and handlers. This has helped tremendously in self-confidence, expression building & overcome communicating phobia which lot of these children demonstrate. The entire approach has been developed to ensure that the children and handlers can experience capabilities hereto suppressed or not understood using the assets the children have. The program also focuses on using body to develop senses and capabilities which will be new to the subjects and will have positive impact on the management & healing process.

Combination of Divinity &

The team, as part of the process developed the program presented on April 25th 2014, at Tamil Sangam, New Delhi wherein the children with support of their handlers presented Swambhu. The plan was to use dance and spirit of movement to demonstrate the incarnation of Shiva – the one who is self-born and not through any parent, the one who never dies and thus deliver the message of power within us. The students demonstrated the fact that we all are made up of five elements- Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth therefore at the basic level, we are all the same.

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Upcoming events

Watch this space for updates.

Creative Spaces

Dr. Dimple Kaur believes that vibrant, full of positive energy and open in there approach lend to Creative process and help get best out of artists. As someone who works on Mind, Body and Soul she opens her centres – which she calls as Creative Spaces to other fellow artists to help them create, brainstorm, discuss, perform and plan.

The spaces available in South and West Delhi.

Here’s what you get

  • Full length mirror for training & performance readiness purposes.
  • Projector with screen.
  • White board.
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity.
  • Multi Channel Music Systems which are multi – input ready.
  • High fidelity speaker system.
  • Air-conditioned Space.
  • Performance conducive LED lighting.
  • Pantry.

Awards & Media

  • Nritya Ratna Award.
  • Nritya Thrragai Award.
  • Apoorva Pratibha Award.
  • Lasya Mohini Award.



  • Coming soon.

Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts

A Registered Trust promoting Valuable India Art Forms

SIVA - A Dr. Dimple’s attempt to help create a platform of free expression, experiment and innovation in the framework of Indian Classical dance and culture.

For long Indian culture has been shackled and restricted by various invasions and socio – political upheavals that has lead to its decay and has limited its potential thus alienating a large number of prospective participants and audience.

SIVA, with the blessings of divine proposes to provide that outlet to experiment while respecting the tradition to create a more meaningful, modern and relevant content.



Issues Organizations face today

Markets & Businesses are constantly transforming

  • It is all about business relevance & Impact.
  • Are we being a leader or a follower.

Are We setting our people for Success in state of constant evolution

  • Organizations are continuously challenging  in managing the change, time to ramp, attrition.
  • Training is not one off event & self-learning does not produce effective result.

Employees and customers want shared purpose

  • Employees and customers want shared purpose.
  • People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.
  • Leadership is not an aptitude, it is an attitude.

Who We Are

We are a research oriented organization focused on developing individual strength though confluence of mind, emotions and body.

Our work involves

Training & Development Experts

  • Senior people only, our facilitators have work experience of minimum 20 years.
  • We create tailored and compelling programs with our own IP & research.

Providing Multi-prong Interventions

  • Traditional workshops are one time effort.
  • Self-learning is of low value and limited impact.
  • Sustained Interventions designed for specific outcomes.

Constantly Measuring Outcomes

  • Customized and ongoing process of measuring results and effectiveness.
  • Sustained training with consistent measurement is key to success.

What do we do

We work with organizations and individuals to design, develop & implement training and development programs that result in positive impact for the teams & individuals leading to measurable outcomes.

Areas we Impact


  • Helping individual & Organizations differentiate in modern marketplace.

Emotional Quotient

  • Distinguishing Emotional from Rationale.
  • Developing strong & positive emotions.


  • I, Me, We.
  • Shared purpose.
  • Delight of co-creation & success.

Conflict Management & Culture

  • How to deal with elephant in the room.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Culture is not someone else’s problem.
  • What will you want your epitaph to be.

How we Achieve

We develop and co-create tailor made programs which are both result oriented and outcome driven. We focus on developing values & attitudes by providing group and individual interventions.

Tools we use


  • I don’t know what you think, but I can help you think positively.
  • Managing Issues that inhibit growth & potential.


  • Dealing with past events or activities – Changing limiting beliefs and blockages.
  • Managing suppressed emotions and memories.

Do it your self

  • Develop tool kits - Practice and repeat till you perfect.
  • Talk supported by action.

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)

  • Positive Behavioral change through language programing.
  • Supporting inter personal communication development.

Indian Culture & Art forms

  • Using physical movements as therapy – Body as a tool.
  • Team activities & developing creative thoughts.
  • Inclusive activities – spread the joy!

Examples of our Work

Myths to Metamorphosis

  • Working on Myths.
  • New Habit formations.
  • Activities on Applications.

Group Sessions,2 Day's Certificate course, Ongoing Support.

Breath, Body, Space

  • Working with Breath, Rhythm, Impulse.
  • Inner Voice & Inner Images.
  • Towards Silence, Stillness & Emptiness.

Group Sessions, 2 - 3 Day's Certificate course, Ongoing Support.

Movement therapy for Positive Behaviors

  • Expression – Areas and opportunities.
  • Feelings and experiences using movements.
  • Impact on behavior.
  • Developing Anchors.

Group Sessions, 3 - 5 Day's Certificate course, Spread over- time, Ongoing Support.

What do you stand for

  • We Not me.
  • Communicate in Small, Easy to understand terms.
  • What do you stand for.
  • Attack and confront issues proactively.
  • Borrow equity & constructing narrative.
  • Power of anticipation.

Group Sessions, Individual coaching, New in leadership role, 1 Day's Certificate course for Group learning followed by 1:1 support.

Contact us

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